Dress Code Policy

While all Youngstown City School District students are preparing for college and career readiness, student attire should be in alignment with students’ college and career goals; the promotion of positive school, community, and family ties; as well as the health, safety and welfare of all students. Students are encouraged and expected to adhere to the following guidelines regarding their appearance while on school property and during school-related events:

Ø Shirts, blouses, and tops should fully cover backs, “bellies”, torsos, and cleavage (on males, females and gender non-conformists), without any indecent exposure including undergarments and associated undergarment straps.

Ø Pants, trousers, and bottoms should fully cover undergarments, without any indecent exposure including underwear linings and underwear bands. Skirts and shorts should fully cover the entire thigh. If leggings/yoga pants are worn, shirts should cover the buttocks. 

Ø If students decide to wear clothing and, or accessories with messaging, messages must be positive, and not include hateful, offensive, and, or violent/explicit language, images or words.

Ø During the school day students are to store/hang outerwear (i.e., coats, hats, scarves, jackets, gloves…) in designated cubbies, lockers, closets or hooks.

Ø Refrain from wearing baseball caps, hats, bandanas and non-religious head coverings that are considered “caps”, “hats” and , or “hoods” 

Ø Students must wear proper footwear at all times. House-slippers, socks, flip-flops, going barefoot are considered improper and unsafe.

Ø While on school grounds/campus, and during school related events, cover all crew- related, block-related (i.e., “East-side”, “West-side”…), and gang-affiliated tattoos. 

Ø Sunglasses/shades are to be worn outside; not on students’ faces and heads during the school day.

Ø Cellphones and personal tablets (i.e., iPads, Kindles…) are to only be exposed during school hours when instructed by a teacher and in association with instruction, or during an administrative request. Lunch time is not an exception.