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Sparkle Scissum, Social Worker: 330-744-7725 x3320

Denise Matlock, Scholar Advocate Specialist: 330-744-3311

Toni Raseta, School Counselor: 330-744-3334 

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Visit our virtual counseling office for information about emotions, coping skills, friendship, learning/studying, fun activities, helpful books, check-in with us and so much more!


Responsibilities of the Counseling Team

  1. Assessment of needs: The scholar advocate specialist may initially meet with a scholar to determine the needed service, though all staff members are trained to identify and respond to a scholar in need. 

  2. Direct Counseling: All staff members in the department are qualified to provide scholars with one-on-one and small group emotional, social, and behavioral support.

  3. Responsive Counseling: All staff members in the department are available during school hours to respond to immediate, urgent, and crisis needs of individual scholars and their families.

  4. Indirect Services: There are various building teams the department staff participates in, such as attendance and PBIS; agencies to coordinate with for in-school services and outside referrals; as well as ongoing communication with scholar’s families. The work is FOR the scholars, but not directly with them. 

  5. Assistance with Basic Needs: Scholars and families will be provided  with resources to assure safety and overall well-being are not barriers to education.

  6. Counseling Curriculum: This is the guiding program for all school counselors in Youngstown City School Districts. It includes standards required by school counselors that are not necessarily, but may be, addressed by social services staff. Those standards are related to academic success and career readiness.

Partnership and Referrals: Counseling staff work with teachers, administrators, other building professionals, district-wide teams, and community agencies to ensure that all of our scholars’ academic and social/emotional needs are being met through special services as needed.


Community Resources 

Listed below are links to websites that provide information about all of the resources available to meet your family’s needs in areas of housing, food, assistance with utilities, health care, mental health, safety, legal assistance, disabilities, substance abuse, veteran affairs, employment, and much more!

Help Network of Northeast Ohio 

Mahoning County Community Services 

Community Resource Guide 

Social Services through the Public Library 

Mahoning County Family Support Directory

Specific agencies: 

Alta Behavioral Healthcare

711 Belmont Ave. Youngstown, OH 

(330) 793-2487

Making Kids Count, Inc.

7178 West Blvd. Suite E Boardman, OH 44512

(330) 758-3434

United Way

255 Watt St, Youngstown, OH 44505

(330) 746-8494

Salvation Army

1501 Glenwood Ave, Youngstown, OH 44511

(330) 746-8403

Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley

1300 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Youngstown, OH 44510

(330) 744-5486