Student Dress Code


While all Youngstown City School District students are preparing for college and career readiness, student attire should be in alignment with students’ college and career ready goals; the promotion of positive school, community, and family ties: as well as the health, safety, and welfare of all students. Students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines regarding their appearance while on school property and during school related events.

This Dress Code is intended to foster discipline, order, safety, health and an environment conducive to academic learning. The responsibility for understanding and adhering to the district wide Dress Code rests with students and parents, and it is expected that students will come to school dressed and groomed in accordance with this Code.

If students are inappropriately dressed, they will be expected to comply by changing clothing, calling home to have appropriate clothing brought from home, or be sent to PASS for the day. As a general rule, all garments must be neat, clean, properly sized, without holes and rips*, and in acceptable repair. Students may not wear anything that promotes gangs; tobacco, drug and alcohol use; sexual activity; or anything illegal or immoral. Additionally, while on the school campus, all crew-related, block related, (i.e., East-side, West-side.) and other gang affiliated tattoos must be completely covered.

Head: Hats, bonnets, caps, hoods, bandanas, and head coverings are not permitted to be worn indoors.

Face: Earrings and makeup must not be extreme, distracting, and unsafe or interfere with the education process.

Tops: Upper garments must be properly sized. Underwear, chest, back and midsection may not be visible. All shirts must be no longer than wrist length. If the shirt is longer than wrist length, the shirt must be tucked in. See- thru tops are not permitted and will be asked to change to an appropriate top. Program uniforms and safety glasses (Choffin) must be worn as determined by the program teacher or administrator. Wearing sunglasses is permitted only for medical reasons.

 Bottoms: All lower garments must be anchored at the natural waist and cannot drag on the ground or have writing across the seat. Garments that are tight-fitting**, oversized, drooping and exposing more than mid-thigh are not permitted. Pant waistbands must not be more than one inch bigger than the correctly measured student waist size. Pants cannot be gathered or drawn together at the waist and must not hang below the waist. *Pants with holes or rips must have pants underneath with no skin visible. **Tight-fitting pants must be worn with a finger-tip length top. Shoes: All footwear must be secure on the foot and not present a safety hazard. Slippers, flip-flops, stilettos (>2 inches) and shower shoes are not permitted. 12 Other: All clothing designed as outerwear, worn to and from school, cannot be worn indoors during the regular school day. Clothing designed for sleepwear is prohibited.

Accessories: Sunglasses cannot be worn in the building. All jewelry and accessories must not be distracting or create a safety hazard. Enforcement: In order to promote a safe and healthy school setting and enhance the educational environment, the Dress Code shall be incorporated into the Code of Student Conduct. Any student who is in violation of the Dress Code, may be subject to discipline and may be required to change into compliant clothing before being permitted to attend classes or school activities.